Friday, December 16, 2011

9 Days 'Til Christmas!

Last weekend we went to a friend's birthday party in Armonk, NY and I wanted to wrap a bottle of wine for them.  Well, as I looked at all the recycled materials I seem to be collecting, it occurred to me to grab some brown kraft that I brought home from the office and wrap the bottle with it!  (Rather than packaging peanuts and bubbles, I'm seeing companies use brown kraft more and more!)  I needed to jazz up the overall package so I made a flower with several layers of hand cut circles held together with a little brad.  The dimensional affect comes with scrunching each layer toward the center!  So easy.  The fringe was another random act using my Martha Stewart fringe scissors, but regular scissors can do this trick also.  I cinched the paper together at the neck of the bottle by taking a length of brown kraft and twisting it as tight as I could which formed a 'rope' that I used to tie around the bottle!  Paper is surprisingly sturdy when twisted.
I call this my 'pioneer woman' packaging as it is totally created from recycled materials!  The entire wrapping actually lifts off the bottle and can be re-used again and again!


ursula Uphof said...

Lyn you do come up with such fantastic ideas. I would like to wish you and your family a very Blessed Christmas. We are heading off in 5 days to visit our family in the Netherlands, and maybe have a white Christmas with the grandchildren. Take care and warm wishes.

Lyn B said...

Thank you Ursula and warm Christmas wishes to you as well! Enjoy your visit with family!

Birdie said...

You are one clever lady, Lyn! Going to have to try that tying with paper!
Willing to swap excess brown paper for wine ;)